Cant remove credentials for Openhab Integration

Have bumped into an issue that I cant see reported yet. I have a setup on my phone with an integration with Openhab. On Openhab I have removed the credentials for local access on my lan. But when I edit my configuration and remove the user name and password and then goes trough the edit process to the end, first everything works fine. But after a while i get the “Disconnected from openhab” message and it stops working. And if I then go and edit the integration. The credentials are back again and it causes a login error. It seems to return after the phone has stopped the app in the background or when I have restarted the app, but somehow the edit of the integration doesn’t get permanently saved.

Som info:
Running och an Android 12 Pixel 6 device.
Appversion 29.0 updated on 21 May
The configuration is initially imported from file.
Remote access works fine.

Anyone bumped into a similar issue or have ideas to solve it.
What I’m thinking of trying is to export the configuration, then manually edit the file to remove the credentials and then import it again. But that is a workaround so if this is a potential bug I wanted to flag it here first.