Camera widget not working with URL item

Hi Igor

I thought it was time to move away from Rotini…

however struggling a bit.

Camera Widget… i can select bindings?
how do a url binding look like?

on the old rotini i did this:

Frame label="Garage {widget:camera,size:1x1}" {
  Image url="http://user:pass@" refresh=1000

I created a item:

String Link_Frontdoor_Camera "http://user:pass@"

But when i add this i get nothing? i only want “refreshed images” not a video stream.

not working, what am i doing wrong?


@ChamDK1 I think when creating String items in that format, it will not make URL part a value, it will just use it as an item label. I’m not aware of a way to assign static value to an item in OpenHAB within .items file (unless something changed recently).

I usually assign all static values in System started rule, something like that:

rule "Startup"
    System started

Btw, thank you for taking the time to switch away from Rotini!

I’ll test and get back. :slight_smile:

Would really like some pricing also, since i need at least 5 sub-pages to separate things

@ChamDK1 did this solution work?

Hey have not tested much more, but could not get it to work :frowning:

Nope still no luck with the camera. any chance you could make it like the rotini way ? just hardcode the url ?

I still lack the possibility to use Camera Widget.

I’ve done as you said, but still get image format error.

so it seems to find the URL but the format is maybe wrong, it is a hikvision camera, the snapshot is jpeg.