Camera Widget - Excessive data usage


I’m using homehabit 1.4 (4781)

When camera widgets are added, data usage is extremely high even if the current homehabit page does not have any camera widgets.

For example, I have 4 camera widgets on page-3 being refreshed every 5 seconds.

However, even if I’m on page-1 (no camera widgets), data usage still shows 5-10MB/s

Thanks for the great app!

@mikeoz All data is kept up to date on all pages of currently selected dashboard to avoid any delays when switching between pages.
There might be a possibility to reduce refresh rate for non-current pages, which should improve data usage, but it would still need to refresh at some interval.

Thanks @igor.

It would be great if we could reduce the refresh for non-current pages. At the moment the clock screensaver is on and the Access Points are reporting a 60Mbps download.
(pls try it yourself with 2-3 camera widgets and netspeed indicator and you’ll see what I mean)


What is the resolution on your camera images?
5-10MB/s for 5 seconds refresh for 4 cameras would make it 10MB per frame or so.

I’m only using the sub-stream so the resolution is D1 (704 x 480)
The bitrate is only at 1200 (kbps)

Not sure why it’s using so much data.