Camera widget and compression?

@igor, does the Camera widget compress the Snapshot URL in some way?
I had a thought that I could use the URL for charts that OpenHAB provides and serve that up in HomeHabit… It works but the image quality is very bad…

This is what it looks like if I access the URL in a browser.


This is an example URL for an OpenHAB system…

@TommySharp it does scale down the image to save memory, if it is too large in dimension and has more pixels than display will show anyway. I just tested this with OH chart and it looks normal.

Can you add some info that might help here:

  • What is the screen size on this device?
  • What is the chart image size coming from OH? any changes to default chart dimension configuration in OH?
  • Does changing camera widget scaling setting changes anything?

Found the cause of this. Fixed for the next release

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