Camera shanpshot refresh interval and display

Please extend the camera snapshot refresh interval list with higher values up to 30 minutes.
Currently 60 seconds is the largest interval, and it would be good to have also 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes refresh interval. In such cases, when the user clicks the widget to show full screen, and only snapshot URL is specified (no live stream etc) refresh immediately on-demand before displaying full-screen.

Also add an option not to display the counter on the widget with how many seconds ago was the snapshot.

Reason: camera entity can be used to display nice looking graphs from Grafana engine. But there’s no use to refresh them too often, usually a 5-minute refresh interval of a graph icon is enough. However when the user clicks the widget to display the graph full-screen, an on-demand refresh would be good.
It’s irrelevant for a graph to see how many seconds ago the picture snapshot was taken, and for this reason it would be good not to show this.

All these suggestions would reduce the load generated by Home Habit on the tablet.

Great suggestions!

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try now

All suggestions are possible now. Marking as solved.

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