Camera RSTP Stream not working

I have a Unifi G3 camera which is bound to HomeAssistant using the generic platform:

- platform: generic
  stream_source: rtsp://
  name: G3 Carport
  username: ubnt
  password: !secret unifi_video

Within the Home Assistant UI it’s working fine using the Picture Entity. Now I configured the camera in HomeHabit App but it can’t connect. It’s just saying connecting.
The remote config editor shows the item as follows:

          "type": "camera",
          "position": {
            "x": 3,
            "y": 0,
            "width": 2,
            "height": 2
          "properties": {
            "label": "G3 Carport",
            "video-uri": {
              "binding": ""
            "snapshot": {
              "binding": ""
            "snapshot-image": null,
            "snapshot-interval": "live",
            "scaling": "fit",
            "rotation": 0

Is this a known bug or limitation?


Generic RTSP camera components are not supported yet. HA doesn’t use MJPEG format for those in its camera proxy, so it would need additional support.