Camera live view refresh rate is too slow

I’m not seeing the refresh rate on videos anywhere near the selected values. With ‘live’, it’s taking 8-12 seconds to refresh every time. I see 1-2 seconds with lovelace.

Can you show your widget editor config screen?

Refresh today seems to be 3-4 seconds, which while not live, is closer to what I see in lovelace. I’m guessing that’s as good as it gets from a Homehabit point of view

I wasnt sure what you wanted to see.

I think you should be happy that your cameras are working at all. Mine are not showing for last year or so. Still pending fix.

@thisisdavidbell Nothing obvious came out from investigation, in testing streams that are fast enough refresh few times a second. Camera refresh is usually limited by how fast device can render each new frame, so maybe that’s the issue.
How fast is that device (cpu/memory)? Also what Android OS does it have?

@thisisdavidbell Another question, do you have multiple live streaming widgets on that dashboard?

Hey, thanks for getting back to me.
Yes I do. I tend to have 2 on this page, and another 1 on another page.

It looks at the moment like the speed is mirroring what I get in Lovelace UI, at about 6-8 seconds. I have a dedicated camera app which I use which is showing a solid 10 frames a second.

My config is standard Foscam:

  - platform: foscam
    port: 88
    username: !secret foscam_username
    password: !secret foscam_password
    name: Camera

I guess this maybe indicates its an issue away from HomeHabit.

Regarding the devices, I see similar rates on various devices, from new smart phones to an ancient tablet.

Thanks for confirming. There might be an issue with multiple live streaming cameras on the same dashboard in some cases, still under investigation.

Regarding frame rate - I assume dedicated camera app connects directly to camera by IP, bypass HASS? If so, the HASS proxy might be the reason why both HomeHabit and Lovelace has slower rate than 10fps.

Thanks for response again.
I’ve tried adding the camera as a generic camera in HA, but see the same refresh rate.
My other none foscam camera updates at around 1 frame a second in Lovelace and Homehabit.

Can’t imagine this is anything to do with HomeHabit now. Thanks for looking, and sorry for using up your time.

FYI, I’ve tracked this issue down (somewhat). It is directly related to the number of dashboards displaying live camera streams. It occurs on Lovelace and HomeHabit (confirming what we thought, that this isn’t a HomeHabit issue).

I’ve raised a q here:

Thanks again, just thought you would be interested.

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@thisisdavidbell That’s good to know, thanks for tracking it down!

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