Camera Full Screen mode Flickers / Disconnects every 30 seconds

Hi Igor,

In full screen mode, camera feeds flickers/disconnect every 30 seconds.

  • Video does not flicker when viewed in HA.

  • I’ve tried with streaming V2 which does not seem to work for me. (invalid image error)

  • I’ve uploaded the logs

Any pointers would be great.


I have similar situation with my installation on the OpenHab and the IP Camera binding, I know that it isn’t solution because your are using HA, however in my case

-using the url to live stream instead of use ip camera binding and camera widget helped me to mitigate issue.
-i know that camera widget works correctly via Zoneminder binding

Kind Regards,


Cheers for that.

I tried with the Web page widget and it seems to be working ok (no flickers)

Bummer really, the Video widget is nice, pops up when you click on it etc.
Hope @igor fixes the video widget soon :slight_smile: