Caldav integration

I suggest adding the caldav protocol for receiving calendar entries from many different sources (including owncloud, nextcloud).

Most of calendar sources already support ICS files (iCalendar), so it didn’t look like adding Caldav was a great benefit. Do you use any specific system that does not support outputting calendar as an ICS?

Caldav is basically ICS based afaik, but with a single file per event. I am using nextcloud, which could probably output ICS files but not in a way that they can be automatically imported, Caldav is designed for exactly that: Automatic synchronization of Calendars.

When I try to add a new iCalendar Integration on my phone I’ll just see a grey/empty screen. I am seeing a similar thing for the calendar integrations, just that there is the cancel/next button at the bottom (but other than that it’s empty).

Yes, the format should be compatible, but there were some specific connection issues that would need an additional implementation, so it didn’t go forward at the time (don’t remember exact details).

I don’t have Nextcloud running to test now, but from quick search this should be URL to export calendar as an ICS:


Do you get empty screen as soon as you select iCaledar type in Integration editor, or later in the process?
Can you post a screenshot and upload debug logs right after that happens? Thanks.

As soon as I tapped on iCalendar (or in fact any other integration) I saw just grey. However, now that I restarted the App it’s working normally again. I’ve added the URL but it’s not working, I’ve checked the debug logs and they contain my credentials (in an exception), so I can’t upload them. I’ve investigated the issue though and the server returns a 401 because there’s no authentication provided (it’s passing the correct request with *** before the URL but I assume the header is never added). I assume something like this needs to be added:

@igor You probably forgot about this, it seems to be a rather easy fix (and also it’s a good idea to remove the credentials from the exception, those should never appear in the logs, especially not if they are uploaded).

@Flole Didn’t forget, but didn’t have a chance to address it either. Hopefully within a next 2-3 weeks.

Ah alright, sorry :slight_smile:

This is ready for the next release. The new username and password properties have been to iCalendar integration configuration.