Bose speaker

My Bose SoundTouch speakers are not shown in HomeHabit. It’s not officially supported by Hubitat, community driver. Am I doing something wrong?

Probably device format is not the same as other media types, so the app can’t recognize it.
Can you provide link to the community driver?

Sure, actually there is two:

This should be fixed for the next patch release (hopefully, don’t have an actual Bose device to confirm).
The first driver will probably work better since it uses more standard properties for cover art and others. While the second adds some custom properties for that.

Great :ok_hand: Thanks Igor!

Thank Igor, I can say that this integration works ok. Even though I would love to see if it was possible to add the 6 presets that SoundTouch provides?

On a sidenote the volume is a bit sluggish, would it be possible to get it to act more smoothly?

Can you expand on what you mean by sluggish here?

Sure, it’s very unstable when I try to drag the dimmer/volume up/down. It works ok if I just touch the desired volume but unsure if this should work this way? Also it the dimmer won’t report the actual volume it just stays in the same position even if volume changes. Difficult to explain but hope you get it :blush:

I think I understand what you mean. Let me check on that.

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