BlueIris Support

I’d love to see some sort of out-of-the-box BlueIris support. It’s a pretty widely used platform these days and being able to connect directly to the server to setup camera widgets would be fantastic.

@davidjgriff do you mean just allow entering BlueIris image/mjpeg URL into the app or support for something else?

I was hoping/dreaming for BlueIris as an official platform to be supported. I believe the API allows for quite a few read/write options that would be pretty great for integration in something like HomeHabit.

It would probably help Igor if you came up with some real use cases… Are you thinking being able to play back recorded video or something like that?

Yes, alert playback would be awesome. Something that lets you see the timeline and history of video activity.

Even better would be the ability to automatically display a video feed anywhere motion is detected. For instance, jump to the video widget when someone is at the front door.

Live viewing should already work with the mjpeg widget. I couldn’t get it to work a few months ago, but I haven’t tried this again since the last homehabit update

If the team can get the popup live stream to be initiated by a state change of an item then it would be possible to make Blue Iris set the state of an OpenHAB item which in turn could make the live stream popup in homehabit…

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For me it is more about eliminating the middle-man. BlueIris is a hub of a sort for all cameras in the home. HomeAssistant is a hub for all the automation devices in the home. Requiring a camera to be added to HomeAssistant first to be viewable on HomeHabit seems like an unnecessary step the could be eliminated.

This is definitely more of a nice to have, but it never hurts to ask, right?

The playback of recorded video could definitely be a nice feature, as well. Let’s say some alerts were detected while you were out. It would be nice to see that indication from within HomeHabit and then be able to quickly review the clips from that alert.

Probably plenty of other ways to utilize this, but those are the first two that come to mind.