Blank, black screen

When I launch the application, I see a blank, black screen. openhub integration. The sidebar opens, in the integration it says - connected. Please tell me how can I solve my problem? Thank you!
UPD: i uploaded the log

@Olymp Thanks for uploading the logs.
Did you delete a theme before it started happening?
In the logs, it looks like it cannot find a theme referenced by the dashboard. Usually, it should fallback to a best default, but there might be a bug that prevents that from happening in this case.

I can’t say with certainty after which it happened, because. it happened some time ago. I haven’t changed anything in the application for a long time, it seemed to me that it broke after the openhab update, but most likely it’s just a coincidence. This may have happened after the tablet was rebooted. Those. I made configuration changes and it worked for a while, and when I restarted the tablet, it stopped working. The remote config does not work for me, I don’t know why, but I can upload the configuration, fix it and upload it back via import export, if you tell me what needs to be edited. Thanks for the quick response.

@Olymp Can you do a config export and send it to me through direct message or I can’t tell from the logs which theme seems to be missing.

Please check for any usernames/passwords in the config before sending, for security.

@igor Thanks for the help and hint. I exported the config, analyzed, found a suspicious topic, changed it to null and imported the config. All my themes “flew”, but now everything works as normal.

"themeOverlay": "7mofhuu3wz601g0mxbm635lui",

Glad to hear that it works now!

What do you mean by that?

I applied a couple of themes on the dashboard, but when uploading, there was a null everywhere, these are trifles…

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