Beta 20 Upgrade - Change of font Size

Hi Guys,

I just upgraded from beta 19 to beta 20. The font has gone smaller.

Visible in some of the icons and the clock screensaver.

Is there any way to change the font size?


@mikeoz there weren’t any changes in screensaver for awhile. Can you give a bit more details how smaller font size affected icons, not sure I got that part.

Also, if you would have a chance to post a screenshot, that would be great!

Thanks for the prompt response Igor.

Note: Both tablets have the same Font/Display settings and the same version of Android

Old font:
Google Photos

New Font:
Google Photos

what is the device model and Android version?

Both are running Linage 14.1 (Android 7.1.2)

Fire HD 8


Thanks for the information. Definitely wasn’t deliberate change, so let me what could have affected it.

As always, thanks for your help Igor!

@mikeoz can you check if latest build Beta 20 (4711) has the same font size issue?

@igor still the same I’m afraid.

Could if be a config setting somewhere ? I’ll try to export the configs again and import into the older version just incase upgrading changes anything.