Beta 18: Integrations and live streaming

New platforms

Two new experimental platform integrations available in this release: WebThings and Hubitat.
WebThings integration will be improved in the future to support OAuth rather than relying on tokens.

Wink platform integration was also improved and had several issues resolved that relate to recent Wink API changes.

Live streaming

Live streaming is now available in Camera widget both as a popup view and as in-place streaming.
In addition, the last time camera snapshot was retrieved is now visible.

Additional fixes in Camera widget:

  • More tolerant approach when processing MJPEG stream for non-standard formats
  • Image conversion optimizations by reusing memory when streaming images
  • Pausing image and video snapshot when device is offline

Widget improvements

Thermostat and clock widget got several improvements.
You can now display weather condition and temperature next to the time in Clock widget. While Thermostat widget has improved fan support for multi-speed fans and better experience when changing target temperature.

Other improvements

  • Settings are available through Remote Config Editor
  • Remote authorization step in Platform Editor is skippable when editing existing platform

Bug fixes

  • Bindings for some widget properties are not parsed correctly when importing setup config
  • Media widget skip next/previous not working when pressed multiple times in a row
  • Calendar widget weekday format fixed to be 3-letters, as before
  • Platform sync is delayed when starting the app because of unnecessary delay in connection check
  • Widget Editor does not show correct binding state when bound item is missing
  • Several other bugs fixed in Widget Editor
  • When creating thermostat widget cool/heat target temperature should be selected by default instead of default thermostat target
  • Weather elements layout shifts when value changes from between single and double digits in Weather widget (bug)
  • Memory leak after applying new config from Remote Config Editor


  • Calendar widget title and location properties missing string items from OH
Home Assistant
  • Support for utility meter component
  • Several additional fixes to support the latest changes in climate component
  • Weather sensor condition text is not processed properly for some components
  • Forecast weather conditions from Dark Sky sensor are not recognized as weather condition attributes (bug)
  • Support for pressure sensors
  • Support for waterflow sensors
  • Support for new Wink notifier API, in addition to PubNub used previously
  • Support for switch groups
  • Support for robots (enable/disable control)
  • Expanding Wink switch groups config to include groups with at least one switch
  • Doorbell device support

Patch release is out to fix an issue during application loading on Android 4.4

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