Beta 17: Improved widget editor, remote config editor, and more

Improved Widget Editor

The improvements are done to speed up a process of creating new widgets. There are now two ways to go through widget editor: select item or select widget type.
By selecting item first, the app would be able to suggest all widgets that can be bound to that item and pre-populate some widget properties. That works great with simple devices like a switch, which will even pre-populate widget label from a selected device name. Some of more complex widgets like weather or room widgets don’t have pre-population working fully yet. That will be improved at later time.

Several improvements added for item binding flow.
First, it is possible now to bind specific item attributes to widgets. For example, if a device has both humidity and temperature attributes, it is possible to bind either of those to a gauge widget.
Additionally, items can be unbound when editing a widget without a new to create a new widget.

Remote Config Editor

The config editor provides ability to edit configuration in JSON editor directly from a browser by connecting to HomeHabit running on Android device over a local connection (the application must be open for editor to work). Config editor is disabled by default and can be enabled in Settings (experimental section at the end).

There are numerous benefits over existing text-based configuration. Platforms and dashboards created in the new editor will still be editable through UI, so you would be able to create dashboard in UI, play around a bit and then simply continue editing from a browser, if desired. Also, since configuration is stored on device, it would be easy to have separate dashboards for each device.

Config editor JSON is similar to current text-based configuration, but it has some differences and additional data. Documentation will be added at later time.

WARNING: This is an early experimental version, so please be cautious when editing configuration on your main devices.

ioBroker platform integration

Another experimental feature in this release is an integration with ioBroker platform. We were recently contacted by users about possibility of support and happy to release first integration now. Some devices are not supported yet and will be added in the future.

Widget improvements

  • Configurable snapshot interval for Camera widget (as low as 1 second interval)
  • Labels are now optional in all state-like widgets (e.g. switch, lock, sensor, etc.)

Other improvements

  • Improved search in item picker that allows multi-word search, as well as search specific item attributes
  • Support for pressure sensor items
  • Better support for energy and gas meters items
  • Added air quality items
  • Possibility to skip connection test when editing a platform when connection has been verified previously
  • Font Awesome 5.9.0

Bug fixes

  • Import config is failing when trying to update disabled platforms
  • Rejecting cancellation in Widget Editor through tapping on outside of dialog makes it impossible to close the editor afterwards
  • Disappearing value text in Gauge widget
  • Error when trying to delete a platform that was never enabled before
  • Widgets that have been configured with reversed state should not be shown as activated when state is unknown
  • Crash after enabling home app configuration and switching to the home app
  • Crash when unable to get permissions from Android for selected backdrop image
  • Platform reconnect notification is shown even when a platform has been disabled


Home Assistant
  • OpenSenseMap integration
  • Support for vacuum components
  • Support for blinds
  • Improved integration for P1 Smart Meter and RFXMeter
  • Fix for incorrectly mapped scenes for selectors that have “off” option hidden

Patch release with support for the new climate component from HASS 0.96 release is rolling out now.