Background Images?

Saw an update to the app in the play store that said something about background images…
Can’t see anywhere though that says how to configure it?

@TommySharp I assume you mean to configure through text-based config? That will be available in the next release.

Being able to bind it to an item would be great Igor! That would mean I can change it based on the weather or time of day.


This is an old threat but, is it possible to have a background image on a page now?


Yes, you can select a single background image, used for all pages.
You cant bind it to dynamically change it though.

In edit mode you can select backdrop

Thanks, any possibility to change the transparancy?

Not at this moment. Might be a good option though.

Yes would to very nice, at the moment in my setup the background image is to present, makes the dashboard unclear.

@jpcolin can you make a screenshot of how it looks?