Autoconfigured Z-Wave Thermostat on Homeassistant

I have a new Z-Wave thermostat (Devolo/Danfoss (looks like LC-13)) configured in homeassistant using the UI.
Works well out of the box. There is a entity, and homeassistant generates the fancy UI cards with the typical thermostat widget. Also I can see the temperature and battery level sensors.

But I can’t create a thermostat item in HomeHabit. When createing a new widget I can’t find the climate entity using the “Select item (recommended)” option.
When creating the widget manuelly with the second option, there are no items to bind them to the various options (except the current temperature, here I can choose the temperature sensor from the thermostat).

Any ideas what I could try to get it to work?

Just to make sure that this is not the issue, did you reopen the app at least once after the new thermostat was added to HA?
(new entities might not be picked up for certain period time without app restart)

Yes, I already tried that. I’ve shut the app down completely and reopened it for exactly that reason.

Does that thermostat has any modes like heat/cool or it is only temperature?

I don’t think the thermostat has actual modes. You just set a temperature, and he is trying to reach and hold that temparature.
This are the generated HA climate entities. The cooling device doesn’t work since its only a thermostat.

ok, I see now. Empty hvac_modes is the reason it is not recognized correctly. I will check on a fix for this.

Yep, that’s it! If I overwrite that value in HA, HomeHabit shows me the climate entity, and lets me create the widget.
It doesn’t do anything yet, though (the slider circle is black, no points to grab on). I need to check what the hvac_mode actually does, and what value I would need.

Don’t know if that helps, but here are the log messages that are printed in a regularly intervall for the entities with the missing hvac_mode:

Currently thermostats without mode operation are just not supported and haven’t been tested yet.
Thermostat widget itself relies on knowing if it is in heat/cool/auto mode to show correct widget.

I believe, if you overwrite hvac_modes to [] and state to auto it might work correctly. I haven’t tested this yet though.

Alright, thank you for your time and effort.
I’ll wait eagerly for any update.

Feel free to contact me if I can help testing the changes.

@Fabian this is fixed for the next release.

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