Auto return to home page

Hi Igor

Can you add to the Homehabit options, the ability to automatically return to the home/main page after some specific periodic of the time?
Thanks, Slawek

good idea!

definitely looking forward to this one if it comes in

Another minor improvement I’d certainly turn on.

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This feature is added in 4.0 version


Thanks for update, it seem that funcion is only available on smartphone, this same apperently is not available on amazon hd?

Regards Slawek

@Slawomir_Ksiazek can you confirm that Amazon device is on 4.0 version as well?

Yes is the latest verion, last night updated,Regards Slawek

Can you post a screenshot of what you see on Amazon device when adding/editing dashboard?

Piease ignore my alert, after restart single app kiosk,seems that works, Regards Slawek

Great! Thanks for the update.

Nice work @Igor… You guys should mark this off a “solved” now :slight_smile:

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