Auto-close selector popup for Scene widget

Hi, I’m using the scene widget with the style parameter sets to “Selector”. When I choose an option the selector popup doesn’t dissapear. This is annoying. Is it possible to hide it automatically ? In the older version the selector popup was disappearing automatically.


Can I expect this to be corrected? The latest version still has this bug :frowning:

Current behavior is expected and shared by all widgets with a popup. I converted this topic to an idea.

Option to auto-close popup for both Scene and Security widgets will be available in the next release. Auto-close behavior will be the new default, but it can be disabled in widget config.

That is great news. Is this also apply to the window with camera preview which is opens by “show camera” rule ? The “hide camera” rule hides preview but the window stays open.

@szmydu This change doesn’t touch anything camera related. Can you create a separate topic for that issue, and if you can post a screenshot when the app is in the “window stays open” state that might be helpful as well.

I opened the topic here: Auto close window with camera preview (hide camera rule).
Screenshot is also added. Thank you.

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