Arlo Doorbell

Is it possible to add the integration of the ARLO brand, especially for camera and warning when the doorbell rings?
Thank you.

Have you a response for me ?

Arlo does not provide an official API for integrations. There is a possibility to use some of the unofficial APIs, but Arlo does not make that easy. This is one of the desired integrations though.

It would be really nice to be able to integrate it into HH. Home assistant succeeded via an api, so I guess it’s possible to do it in HH too.
Big thanks to you

Even Arlo integration with Home Assistant was using weird IMAP workaround to get two-factor authentication working, which was one of the issues the last time Arlo integration was attempted in HH.
I will see if anything has changed since then.

I have my Arlo cameras connected to Home Assistant through the unofficial Aarlo intigration which works sometimes. When they are working properly in Home Assistant they will work in Home Habit but the Home Assistant integration is unreliable at best. Home Assistant is the only integration I use in Home Habit so all my devices come through there.

In what way it is unreliable in your experience?

In the Home Assistant integration the two factor authentication works for awhile then will randomly not work for a period of time so you loose all access. Mine was not working for atleast 6 months then randomly without making any changes it connected one night. Sometimes there are also issues with the video streaming and/or recordings.

I really wish Arlo would allow a true integration but I’m at the point of looking for a different brand of camera that has a proper integration.

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@schumi23 Can you share a list of Arlo devices that you use?

I have just a doorbell arlo with battery.

Havé YOU a News for Arlo intégration ?

It is still in development.

Ok. Good news.