App disconnects after a while

I love HomeHabit and use it on a Android Tablet with my HomeAssistant enviroment.
Unfortunately it disconnects after a while, forcing me to restart the app.
Somebody can tell me why? Or if it happens to you also?
Maybe I’ve got some bad settings on my Hass.
I tried to connect my server locally and remote without any change. It just says disconnected…
Thanks in advacne

Disconnecting should be done only when network is offline, so that’s unusual. Is this an always on tablet? Is there a chance that wifi connection goes down?

Actually I don’t think wifi goes down. Yep I’m connecting from a tablet that I use to command all domotics on HassIO. Btw if I let the Lovelace interface of HassIO on, it doesn’t disconnect.
I have to restart HomeHabit to make it work again, because after disconnecting if I go on platforms it says connecting…

Oh ok, I was thinking it says “disconnected” in platforms, “connecting” status is something different then.
Let me see if this is something we can reproduce.
Can you tell me the device model and Android version on that tablet?

Got the same issues i guess. I have intermittent wifi issues and it seems that the app won’t reconnect after wifi comes back.
I have to manually reboot or reopen the app to make it work.