App crashing at least once a day

I have been happily using the app 24/7 in an Amazon Kindle tablet for more than 2 years now, but since a couple of months, the app crashes at least once per day and I have no idea what could be happening. Is there any way to debug or find the root cause?

This device is fixed in a wall mount and no software is installed: it’s only used for Home Assistant

@aguedob Are you using any camera widgets, especially any that live stream all the time?
This is just a guess, since the symptoms are similar to a devices running out of memory.

Hi @igor. Just FYI. After several months, I managed to find out what was going on. I forgot that I change in Homeassistant the api source for my weather component from dark sky to pirate weather. After removing the weather component from my Homehabit dashboard, it has not crash anymore.

Would be great to have access to crash logs to find out these issues!

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