App closes/crash after some time

Hi @igor,

since about 2 weeks I’m facing an issue that the HomeHabit app automatically crashes/closes after some time. I have no idea why. The only way is to sent the logs to the support or can I also access the logs somehow?


@michelm few things:

  • what is the app version?
  • what is the device model and Android version?

It isn’t possible to see logs on device itself.

Hi @igor,

It’s an Google HTC Nexus 9 Tablet running on Androin 8.1 (Lineage OS 15.1).
Home Habit Version 1.3 (4776)

Weird is that it was running before with the same Tablet and Android version and then I got this app crashes. I just uploaded the logs. Maybe it’s due to some item in my HomeAssistant Configuration which causes the issue …


How often do crashes happen?

At least once a day.

Uploaded logs didn’t had anything useful related to the crash, since it is not repeated crash, so crash logs were not uploaded.
Next patch release will contain a change that should allow that to happen. I will update you when that happens to upload logs again (after a crash).

@michelm Can you also try 1.4 version when it is available in your Play Store?
There is a fix for a crash in that version. Maybe that was the same type of crash you experienced.

@igor with the latest version my app is not crashing anymore!
Thanks, Michel

@michelm That’s great! Thanks for the update.

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