Any advice for setting up a vacuum cleaner?

I currently have a Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner set up to be used with Homeassistant, and I’m just using simple switches to start cleaning, going home. I don’t know for example how to show the current status, which is clearly shown in HA. Is there a better way to integrate it? Can anyone share his experience integrating any Vacuum cleaner?

The answer to everything ha/hh is always input select in ha and scene in hh. :wink: I’ve hooked up a few things to input selects (harmony remote, hive heating boost) by specifying the different states as input select entries, and using automation in ha to sync state of real object with the input select (in both directions).

I’ve also tried a few times to do things with the camera widget being able to show an image, but never really got anything working (in case you have a map etc with cleaner.)

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Thanks for your recommendation!