Animated Radar Cameras are not Animated?

I have some HA generic cameras that load animated radar maps. they display fine in all my other dashboards but in Homehabit they only show as fixed images with no animation. Is this a bug or something not yet implemented or something i am doing wrong?

When I tap on them they show “Live” in the corner but still dont move/animate. when i view the same camera entities in other dashboards like lovelace they show as animated.


Camera widget is not really designed for radar maps or other arbitrary image/video formats. It expects mostly what is used with cameras: jpeg, mjpeg, etc.
I would need to check what’s possible there, but Android doesn’t natively support GIFs like web-browsers, so it might not be straight-forward.

One workaround, if you do have a URL to radar map, is to use Web widget. I think there were few users who have done that in the past.

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I was under the impression that using the generic camera integration in HA and pointing it at a jpg stream of a radar map would create the same as any other camera?

I am using for example:


 - platform: generic
  name: 'Radar Regional Animated'

I will try to use a web widget since I have URL to all of them, thanks.

Is this the source URL? Is an animated file?

Correct, if you open ```

Got it. Let me see what is the output from HA in this case.

Web widget might still be an option though regardless.

Web widget seems to be working perfectly with the first one I tried, have tried them all yet though. just this one example.

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The added benefit of using a web view is so far they seem to be much more reliable than using the cameras. My cameras keep getting stuck on “connecting…” but the web views are rock solid.

Do cameras getting stuck with only this image or others as well?