Analog clock


would it be possible to get an analogue clock ?

Also, an option to chose the date format, that you want to show. Especially for us foreigners, who live in a country, we don’t origin from. Dates are always shown in the the wrong format :slight_smile:


Date formatting is taken from Android locale, so it should be consistent with the rest of Android on that device. If that’s not the case, can you provide more information and some examples?

I honestly just downloaded the damn thing … and got going. So apologies for that.

It’s showing “Thursday, 5 March” right now. I guess, I’m just missing the year in that case. But I’ll have a play.

But I’d really like an analogue clock :slight_smile:

Having said all that, I am well impressed. I have been playing with HABpanel for a few days and I got a lot better (or more shiny) results with this in like 30 minutes. It’s very satisfying.


Google deprecated Android analog clock widgets few years ago, so it is not possible now without building a custom clock. At this point, I would have to say it would be a low priority, unless it gets a lot of votes from community.

That’s awesome!