All integrations say error

Hi there,

New user here. This product look cool so I tried to set it up, have added outlook, philips hue and ring alarm so far and they all say error retrying in x minutes and keep ending in error all of them.

Any idea ?

@The_Jesepa Welcome to the community!

There is currently an issue for some users with authentication for several integrations, so Outlook and Ring Alarm might be having that issue. However, Philips Hue shouldn’t be affected by that.
Can you enable debug mode for Philips Hue integration (tap on triple-dot menu in Integrations screen) and then upload debug logs from the Support screen?


Did you press the link button on Hue hub during integration setup?


Can you try doing it again? Just edit integration, press link button on the hub and save integration.

done doesnt help :frowning:

Okay, thanks. I will need to investigate this further, will post when there are any updates.