Alarm Card not Working Properly

Hi Friends,

So, I have an alarm Card on my dashboard. I can arm the alarm, I can disarm the alarm when armed, but, when I try to disable the alarm when it’s pending, it shows DISARMED but it doesn’t work, the alarm still triggers.

For example: I arm the alarm and leave home. When I get home and open the door, it goes to pending, but the disable action from the HH panel doesn’t disable it, and it triggers.

Does anyone faced this already? Any suggestion to solve it?

Let me check on that. Will update

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If you need any testing, just say the word :wink:

@leofuscaldi Fix will be available in the next beta build.

Fix included in 1.9 (4835) build

It’s not yet available on Play Store. Shall I apply for beta tester to have access on Play Store or there is any other way to download it?

Beta versions can be unstable, so only if that’s ok with you.
I believe 1.9 version would be released as stable within a week, after a few bug fixes are ready.

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