Alarm activation issues

First of all congratulations for this software. It’s in a good way to be amazing!

I have a pair of improvement suggestions.

In my setup I’m connecting HomeHabit to Home assistant and one of the widget I use is Security to control my Alarm.

What I found is…
When I want to activate my alarm but some of the associated doors or windows are open the alarm activation is cancelled. But in HomeHabit the widget is showing Armed condition during some seconds even it’s not matching with real alarm status. After few seconds condition is updated and it reflects correct status but this delay don’t allow me to confirm if Alarm has been properly armed or not.
Is there a way to improve this condition?

Another is…
My alarm is just requesting pin when it’s disarmed. Arm it don’t need need. Homehabit is detecting pin condition properly, but it’s showing keyboard on all transitions.
Is there a way to ommit pin request if it’s not requested in Home Assistant?

Thanks in advanced!!!

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Most likely there is a pending status that is shown differently. The app shows the target status immediately. I agree, this could be improved.

What is the alarm component you are using in Home Assistant?

Hi Igor,
I’m using the custom component Alarmo.