2021 Black Friday Deal!

A limited time offer during 2021 Black Friday.

Upgrade to Premium multi-device license with one time $45 purchase, which is just a bit over 2 normally priced single-device licenses. Premium features include unlimited dashboards, platform integrations, screensavers, custom themes, and more.

Use the app version 21.1 or later to upgrade.
Available for purchase until midnight of November 30, 2021.

Happy Holidays!

Is this offer active?

I have already 2 license purchased for 2 devices that are not always on.

I just tried to buy into this offer from the always on tablet that has no license and I am only getting the 19,99 option.


@ARES Yes, it is active.
Make sure you have the app version 21.1 or later. There should be a mention of the offer on the upgrade screen.

The tablet is old and slow, it took a while but it worked.
Thank you again.

Great! Glad it worked.

Will this offer apply OK to a mix of Android and iOS licences ?

@Kevin_Hawkins Since iOS is not released yet, this deal, in a way, applies only to Android devices that use Play Store.
Right now, I cannot say for certain on how iOS licensing will work in relation to Android. There are some technical challenges when trying to working with both stores, so I don’t want to promise something that might not be possible.

For anyone who tried upgrading to Premium multi-device license from a device with an existing Premium license - the error should be fixed now.

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