2020 Holiday Sale!

Upgrade your device to a premium license with 40% off during the Holiday Sale!
Premium license provides unlimited functionality within the app for a single device. That includes unlimited dashboards, ability to connect to multiple supported platforms and more.

Happy Holidays!

Sale begins on November 25, 7PM EST, and ends on November 30.
Sale price will be visible after starting the license purchase flow.


Hi! I have quite some devices and I just found out about this beautiful dashboard for my Hubitat system. Any chance I can get the holiday sale discount?:sweat_smile:

@Lars_Magnus_Lillebek Glad you’ve found and like the app! I’m using Hubitat personally as my main (mostly) system as well :slight_smile:
Regarding the sale - the way it is setup through the Play Store, it wouldn’t be possible to have a one-off discount without just running another open sale. Sorry about that.