Zooming in web wget

Hi Igor

Can you add a zoom function to web wget in the same way how it is implemented for a webcam? I have several charts (on main screen), and in this way it would be good to open the chart in a much more comfortable way, without switching to separate page, Thank you.


@Slawomir_Ksiazek just to clarify, what kind of zoom do you mean from camera widget? There is only scaling available for camera widget, which is not really a zoom.

Hi Igor, so if it is a scaling function ,can you add this same for web page widget?

Scaling can’t really be accomplished on web page in the same way, since the app doesn’t know about web page content.
Can you show a screenshot of what is shown in web widget and what are you trying to accomplish, maybe there is some other way to achieve that.

Hi Igor,

Yes, you have right, this can be a problem for some pages with auto scaling, but in my case behind the webpage is a picture (jpg) which is generated with using script directly from grafana, so auto-scalling can be applied.
Regards, Slawek