Scene widget not showing label?

I’m using a scene widget in “Mode” style to control my alarm.

How do we get the label to show in the widget so people know what it is?


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Mode style deliberately doesn’t have a label to make it look different from other widgets.
What were you using in the legacy version for the same control?

I was using the mode widget.
We should display the label if its populated. If people dont want the label then they can leave it blank…


The Scene widget should really show the label if it lets me set a label surely when in “Mode” style?

@Igor, for my “NAS Raid” widget which is a “scene” widget in “mode” style it would make sense to show the label on top. I selected the “mode” style as I just really want to show the current state, people shouldn’t even click on it to change it… Ideally it should be set to read only :wink:

I’ll change my alarm scene widget to be “standard” mode as people would regularly change the scene.

Just confirming that the label does now show above the icon :grinning: Thanks @igor

That’s great. Thanks for the update!

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