New camera popup not working

Hey @igor the new camera popup always seems to be blank for my cameras which are simple URL cameras. Anything I should be looking out for?

@TommySharp what do you mean by “simple URL” cameras? what widget properties do you have assigned for that widget?

Got it. In current release popup only works when there is a live stream video configuration, as that was the main use case for the feature. Just showing large image snapshot in popup didn’t make it into this release, and will be available in the next one.

How would live stream url loom like? I use zoneminder as video surveillance solution and the according HA sensor. The ‘old’ image capture every 5s did work. Now, when i try to add ANY camera widget it doesn’t find anything.

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@TommySharp Camera popup will show snapshots as expected in the next release.

Nice work!