I would like to configure a button to switch pages

I can’t seem to find instructions on how to configure a button to jump to another page. Any help would be appreciated.

@jeffreywfinch Currently it is not possible to have custom “link” to a dashboard/page.
Can you give more details about your use case?

I’m running OpenHab 3.x, UniFi Net, UniFi Protect, MQTT and NodeRed. I would like to have a dozen or more pages with specific views. For instance an overview pages with critical information along with links to other pages. A single page for each room/area and then themed based pages for multiple rollup views i.e… Lights, HVAC, Camera, Weather, Media and so on. Swiping to find each page is too cumbersome at this scale. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Are you hiding the dashboard navigation bar that has page buttons?

Not currently, but I plan to. The side panel would be helpful but I can’t seem to be able to give a button a descriptions to explain context. For example I have 5 bedroom with a dozen items in each. How would a user know which button to click. or that there is a rollup to view all light in the house.

Page names are not visible since there is just not enough space to display it.
Just fyi, if you press and hold a page button it will show a tooltip with the name, but it’s not meant to be helpful for an unfamiliar user.

I will add this to the ideas list. I think there was an idea topic about this already, will link when I find it.

That would be great. I would think it’s low hanging fruit to just create an action to jump to a given page name. Thank you…

I added an idea for something in the past that was similar to this. I want a standard widget, such as a multi-entity widget showing all window status, or all light switch statuses. I then wanted an action associated with that widget, such that when you tapped on it, it jumped you to a HH page with more details (i.e. listing all the light switches).

I would also like to be able to jump to a page on an entity status change (so that for example ringing a doorbell could result in showing the front door page including camera)

I think this is a related topic to vite on…