Hue status not updated


When I use Home Assistant in a web browser (http://IP/lovelace/default_view), the status of hue light is always right.
When I switch them on or off from there, everything is working well an the status is updated in HomeHabit BUT
when I switch them on or off in HomeHabit, the status is always updated in Home Assistant but not in HomeHabit.
Sometimes the status changes from on to off and back to on (but the light still remain off as wished)
I hope to have been clear…

Best regards

In HASS, Chevet droit is off

In HomeHabit
Status is off


Can you try to reconnect “Chevet droit” item to the widget? Orange color means there might be an error.

I have reconnected all the items “Chambre” to their widget. The state is not right for one of them. Next time it will be another one. I do not understand as the action button works as wished but the state is not recovered

I can confirm that there is a bug there. The fix is in progress.

Hi Igor,

Still the same behavior with beta 1.4…


@Sebastien_M this hasn’t been fixed yet. The fix is complex, so it will take more time.