Google Calendar with Home Assistant


it’s great to see that in the latest beta there is an experimental feature for the calendar. This is actually the missing piece for me, as previously I was using Project Rotini Legacy with OpenHAB and now moving to Home Assistant with Home Habbit.

In my HA setup the google calendar is already configured, but I’m wondering how I can use the new feature in Home Habbit? Any help are appreciated.


@michelm New Google Calendar integration will connect directly to Google API without HA.
After enabling the feature in Labs, you would be able to connect to calendar in Platforms. Then, calendar widget should have calendars available for binding from that Google Calendar account.

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Hi Igor,

thanks for this information. I was able to connect to google adding a new platform. However, the platform (google) is always connceting... then shortly connected and reconnecting. In the UI I also get the message Disconnected from Google. Trying to reconnect.
So, it doesn’t work for me.


For me the exactly same behaviour.
Platform shows connecting..., changes to connected and directly jumps back to connecting...

Get message Disconnected from calender. Trying to reconnect in UI.giphy7095803852206816338

Exactly same issue for me. From Google account, application seems correctly authorized as well.

If any of you enrolled in beta releases in PlayStore, can you try Beta 19 (4667) when it is available on your device? There is a fix for another issue, which might have affected Google Calendar, but it might still be not fixed yet.

Tested with Beta 19 (4667) … Same behaviour and still not working.

@Boogieman thanks for checking

Same here, after update yesterday.

@Boogieman/@stban1983 I believe in should be fixed now in Beta 19 (4668). Please check it out.

Yes it’s working!
thanks a lot Igor

That’s great! Thanks for the quick update.

Great job so far.
With 4668 connection to calendar works great…
I have more than one calendar in my gmail account I am using and homehabit shows only the first (the “normal” account one) calendar to choose.
But I have a few more, for example a private one, for my events, one for my son and one more I am using only for my job events.

@Boogieman currently only primary calendar is supported. Additional calendars are planned for the future.

OK thanks

Just a simple question, how often do the widget sync with the google account?

10 minutes

Any idea when this future will be :wink:

@Boogieman It is unlikely to be in the next release, hard to say after that.
Integration is experimental so it wasn’t designed for larger amount of requests that multiple calendars would make based on provided Google API, so some rework is required before adding multiple calendar support.