Error after update domoticz 2023.1

@Florin_Trica Please wait till 38.6 patch release for the camera fix.

Update - There is a delay in Play Store review process for 38.6 release, so it might take a few more days for it to become available.

Thx !!!

38.6 release is finally through the Play Store review and should be rolling out now

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38.6 version solve the problème with caméra and api in domoticz 2023.1
ThankS for the job

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There still might be an issue if you are using non-stable/beta Domoticz builds. The fix for that is in progress.

I am now on app version 38.7.1 (updated yesterday) and now the app cannot login into Domoticz anymore (authentication error) . With browser or the Domoticz app I can enter Domoticz without problems so it seems home habit specific.

I do not need user accounts as I have the tablet IP in my trusted network on Domoticz settings.
Edit: I am on 2023.1

@waltervl Are you on stable 2023.1 or beta build?

I am on 2023.1 stable

@waltervl Can you restart the app and upload debug logs?

I uploaded them a minute ago.

Can you try this URL in your browser with replaced [IP] and incognito window to avoid any existing session. Do you get successful response?


Yes, I get a valid response, a small snippet:

"ActTime" : 1678354674,
"AstrTwilightEnd" : "20:24",
"AstrTwilightStart" : "05:15",
"CivTwilightEnd" : "19:05",
"CivTwilightStart" : "06:34",
"DayLength" : "11:26",
"NautTwilightEnd" : "19:44",
"NautTwilightStart" : "05:55",
"ServerTime" : "2023-03-09 10:37:54",
"SunAtSouth" : "12:49",
"Sunrise" : "07:07",
"Sunset" : "18:32",
"app_version" : "2023.1",
"result" : 
		"Data" : "Off",
		"Description" : "",
		"Favorite" : 1,
		"Image" : "Push",

Thanks. I think I know what is the possible issue. New patch should be ready later today.

Thanks for the quick support!

The fix is in 38.8.1 patch version.

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Any idea how long it will take to get approved by Google play store?

It has been approved already, but it still takes time to rollout to all user’s Play Stores, usually not more than 48 hours.