Domoticz Shutter/Blinds

New release supports only 2 of 4 blind’s types (Blind Percentage and Blind Percentage Inverted) and without actual state of shutter. Is possible to fix it? (add all types Blind and show actual status). ?

@boe666 Few questions:

  • what 2 other blind types that are not working?
  • what do you mean by state of shutter? do you mean its position, e.g. 0-100%? if so, position can be controlled with dimmer widget.

Works fine: Blinds Percentage and Blinds Percentage Inverted (without STOP button)
Not works: Blinds and Blinds Inverted. (with STOP button)

Blinds and Blinds Inverted are supported, but it works only with Switch widget and without STOP button support.
Currently STOP functionality only works with blinds that provide exact position. We are looking into adding it for all blinds soon.

@boe666 can you provide exact steps you do to create widget for blinds in the app? (for the blinds and blinds inverted)

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