Can't seem to set dimmer to multi-lights

I noticed in setting up my tablet last night that I ran into an issue of mainly only being able to set up “switches” for multi-lights. In many rooms, I have multiple Hue lights controlled through HASS that are setup in “groups” but I can’t seem to either:

1: Control a dimmer for multiple entities
2: Control a “group” with a dimmer (seems to only show media_players entities)

Didn’t know if I was completely missing something perhaps! This is a fantastic app IMO, understandably in beta but it’s pretty much what I was looking for.

@kentoe when you look or search in the list of all items (first step when creating widget) do you see those Hue light groups? Also, even if those lights are in groups in HASS, are those lights still available as individual devices?
And finally, can you post screenshot of HASS UI device states page that shows entity id, state and attributes for at least one light group that doesn’t work?

Very happy to hear that the app is useful for you!

Sure I’ll have to get back to you on perhaps some screenshots.

There are plenty of lights available as individual devices, but mainly the groups that I can’t use as dimmers. Everything shows up as expected in the “suggested” area as far as devices go but can’t ever associate dimmers with any groups.

Just couldn’t figure out any sort of way of dimming multiple lights either as multi-entities (like the switch action can do) or dimming one group entity.

Yes something changed around the lights from Beta 18 to 19.
Now when I want to set up a light switch, first I browser through the entities (HA), pick my light switch, the settings are self filled in by a light with color settings. When I change type to “Switch”, the entity becomes yellow (as it would be inexistent). I have to re-pick the entity manually and save - after that it works.

For me lights group is working (Beta 19), but group is creating on Home Assistant, not in HomeHabit.
I can control 2 Yeelight with a dimmer. But if i am picking some colors in HomeHabit, it completly broke the dimmer.

Was looking at this again last night. I didn’t end up getting screenshots unfortunately. But, basically when I select the “dimmer” option for a widget there is no “multi-light entity” like on the switch widget. Which would resolve my problem.

Alternatively to that, when I do in fact select “Dimmer” and go to select a light entity it only shows single light bulbs through HASS and none of my groups are able to be dimmed. Not sure if this is intentional due to code limitations or whatever.

Are those light groups or regular groups?

I just checked, light groups work as expected with light dimmer widget.

Yeah, that’s a bug. Will update when fix is available.

Are those light groups or regular groups?

I just checked, light groups work as expected with light dimmer widget.

Ah okay, good to know. I think that they are regular groups. I noticed they added Light Groups in 0.65 of HASS, but I honestly probably created them right before that integration. Maybe I can just add some of those.

For anyone else’s reference:

Will update you on if it works out after.

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So I went in and added some Light groups into my HASS configuration and they show up in the “recommended” area. I’m able to select them and then change to a “dimmer” type. So that works well! Can slide it left and right. I do wish you could easily have a turn off functionality on the same widget.

However, if I go to add a new widget -> Explore Widgets -> Dimmer -> Bind an item -> I only seem to get Media_player entities… ? No lights.

All light devices are available only (mostly) in light widget. While dimmer is more generic, and more like a slider and for cases than it is not known if dimmer is actually a light.

That’s why it is recommended to start from selecting a device first, so the app can just suggest available widgets.