Camera snapshot interval (live video)

As i see some video feeds: do you get ‘real videos’ or just an updated pic every 10s? I use zoneminder to feed data to HA and this is forwarded to the dashboard.

Live camera view will be supported in the future. Currently snapshots can be shown with as little as 1 second interval.

Great info Igor. Thanks. I’ll check the actual setup again and will try to tweak it.

Would you mind telling me how to do this? I can’t find any options.

@izeman when you edit a camera widget, the snapshot interval option should be there (screenshot below). Let me know if you see something different.

a) I don’t have any “snapshot” entities provided by HA
b) I don’t have this “interval option”, only have “scale”

can you make a screenshot of the widget editor screen you see?

My mistake, snapshot interval widget property is available in pre-release version only. I forgot that it hasn’t been released generally yet. The new version should be available within a week.

:wink: … Thanks

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