Blinds/Shades up-down-stop


First of all great app! it’s gettign near what i’m looking for…
I might have overseen this but i can’t find a way to control my shade properly.
I get the widget but with 1 button, 1 click opens another click closes.
I would like to have the 3 commands arrow up, arrow down and stop button.

Is this possible?


In the meantime i found out that making the widget bigger gave me up and down button but still no stop button like in openhab.

@jpcolin currently, stop button is only shown (as middle button) after up/down button is pressed while it is opening or closing

I have seen this, but the behavior is not correct.
When press up or down and the middel button after it doens not stop!
Is send the opposite command.
So if i press down and after that the middel button, it goes up!
Tha tis not the behavior of Openhab. Stop button stops movement.

Can we fix this?